Becoming a book reviewer

A couple friends sent me some links to help direct me in this venture. The first comes from the world famous Challies, who inspires hacks everywhere to take to the keyboard and blog. I wonder how many stay-at-home dads are banking their retirement on finding a niche in the blogosphere because of this guy. Here’s his article:

How to Review a Book

The second is from John Starke (not to be confused with John Starks), a guy over at the Gospel Coalition who edits book reviews:

How to Write a Great Book Review (Or at Least How Not to Write a Bad One)

As part of my attempt to master the book review, I am going to be trying some new things.

  1. I will be commenting on chapters from Steven J. Lawson’s Pillars of Grace, the second volume in his Long Line of Godly Men series. The goal is to process, evaluate, and review small portions of the book at a time in preparation for later full book reviews.
  2. Also, I am going to try and review at least two short stories between now and January 1st. As for now, I’m trying to avoid anything longer than 10 pages.
  3. I’m now keeping up my Goodreads account. Though there are probably millions of bad book reviews on this site, it at least encourages you to share your opinion about the things you’re reading. I intend to write 1-3 sentences on each book I update (if I can remember them enough) without using too many cliches.

Anything else I should try?

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