Gospel for Life: Objective reality– or nothing

One of the marks of postmodernism is what we call tolerance. When it comes down to it, tolerance destroys gospel work from the inside out. The idea of tolerance sounds friendly, but underneath the demure façade hides the disease that eats at biblical authority. Truth, by nature, is discriminative. If the Jesus is Lord, then Caesar can’t also be Lord. If someone says Caesar is Lord, or that anyone else is Lord, they are wrong. Period.

If a gospel is wrong, then it’s wrong. To tolerate a false gospel that misleads adherents is not loving—even if the messenger has good intentions. It betrays the truth, it betrays Christ, and it damns those who buy it. Therefore, we must be zealous to keep the gospel pure and undefiled.


The implication is that the gospel is an objective reality. It is external to ourselves—we don’t make it up. It’s out there, and we either believe it or reject it. We must come to grips with the objectivity of the gospel when trying to keep it pure and undefiled. So, when talking about the gospel, we must put aside opinions, feelings, and beliefs that aren’t informed by the word. We leave those at the door. In this study, the Scripture is our authority. If we are to learn what the gospel is, we must get our answers from the Book. Otherwise, it will be a false gospel, and there will be much carnage.

This is the continuation of a series:

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