Gospel for Life

Last Sunday I started teaching a class called Gospel for Life (not to be confused with Tim Keller’s Gospel in Life). It seeks to take the gospel truth and apply it to everyday life. The theme verse is 2 Peter 1:9, which tells us that there is a direct connection between godly living and remembering the gospel. It says, “If anyone does not have [these qualities], he is nearsighted and blind, having forgotten that he was cleansed of his former sins.” This verse is a key to Christian living. If we are not living God’s way, it’s because we’ve forgotten the gospel.

The gospel applies to mundane life. Jesus is not irrelevant. Believe it or not, he’s more relevant than loud music, flashy lights, and hipster pastors.

The question is: how?

I am starting a series of posts that explore this concept. They will be short– one or two paragraphs– and to the point. And they will all be geared at answering the same question:

What does the gospel have to do with my life right now?

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