Baby Emma Update

Wednesday, July 14th, 4:45

I’m sitting here in the hospital room writing this blog on my iPod touch. Ashley is asleep. She hasn’t slept since she woke up Monday morning. Her water broke 11:30 Tuesday night.

Two hours ago the nurse told her she was at nine and half centimeters and that she needed to start pushing. Ashley had felt good along the way without an epidural. So Ashley started the horrible process of pushing all natural.

After almost an hour of noble intense effort, the nurse realized that she had been wrong– Ashley was only six centimeters dilated. There was no way Emma was coming out. And the pain for Ashley was excruciating.

At that point they gave us the epidural option and we took it. It has helped immensely. Now Ashley sleeps.

She needs energy for round two.

Keep praying, please.

Keep ya posted (maybe).


Thursday, July 15th, 3:44

After the events I wrote about above, Ashley rested for a while. She needed to.

Then we waited. And waited. And waited.

Until around 11:00. The nurse started having her push. And the difference between these pushes and the earlier pushes (the ones without the epidural when she was only 6 centimeters dilated) were black and white. She could hardly feel anything!  Little by little we made progress.

In the end, Emma decided against July 14th as her birthday.

So 12:38 am, Thursday morning, Emma was born. And compared to her other three cousins (Tae, Eli, and Jackson) she’s tiny. 6 pounds, 12 ounces. We got to hold her right away. It’s an overwhelming experience. I will probably have to write about it later.

They cleaned her up, slapped her around to make her cry (which didn’t work), and told us the good news that everything looked good.

Now we’re staying in a recovery room. Ashley’s feeding her every two hours and I’m staring into her face as much as I can. Even now I am typing one handed, feeling her hiccup in my hand. I love this girl.

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