Lindsey Larson: Grace for One Day at a Time

What an amazing note from Lindsey Larson, wife of our late, beloved Tyson. I had to link to it on my blog– I hope you don’t mind, Lindsey– it is an inspiration to us all.

Words cannot express how lucky we all were/are to have Tyson in our lives for the short time we did. Some people never meet anyone who could do what Tyson could do and make people feel the way they do. People ask me where I’m getting the strength,”how are you so strong”? GOD and Tyson… That is and could be the only explanation. I am so overwhelemd by the outpouring of love and support from our families and friends. Tyson would be proud of you all for taking care of all of us and carrying us through this tragic time. God gives us grace one day at a time. This is now ringing true for all of us. Take one day at a time or the whole thing seems impossible. It is estimated that there was over 1000 people at his service. That’s how you know Tyson was one of a kind.the sight of more people filing behind us and all around us was breath taking. He would be both embarrased by the attention and honored. I feel a great sense of pride that this man, the message of love, loved me on a level I have never seen before. He also loved each of you and would die millions of times over for you… I KNOW that.I hope you do too. Thank you for the cards, phone calls, text messages,flowers, food, love and support& countless other things I may never know about. We cannot say thank you enough. Tyson is in Heaven and I know I am closer to God now as a result. I’m so glad Tyson was there when I accepted christ all those years ago. He and God were preparing me for all of this. I am not afraid to die… I want to live the way Tyson lived and be there by his side and see his amazing smile when I meet God.

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